"I joined Poetrusic when I was new to the city and soon found myself waiting for Thursdays eagerly. My favorite part about the sessions used to be Neha mam's recitation, listening to poetry I found out was a different kind of joy. The discussions that the poems and poets generated were interesting as the people present, from different fields would highlight or share different and peculiar things which was very useful. The highlight was undoubtedly reading poetry from 4 languages - Hindi, Urdu, English and Gujarati which exposed me to so many poets and genres from different time periods."
- Ms. Kajol Hinduja
(Student, St. Xavier's College )
"I have been associated with Poetrusic for the past one year, but, unfortunately, am not as regular as I would like to be due to my other commitments. Ms Neha brings the poets alive by her thorough understanding of their poetry. I sit mesmerized equally by the works of the eminent poets in Hindi, Urdu, English and Sanskrit, and by Ms Neha's grasp of the nuances of the poetry and the languages they wrote in. For me, the two hour session is too short. The sessions have been like shots of pure caffeine for me ...they just awakened me ...made me alive.."
- Jyoti Mulchandani
(Founder and Owner: SHIKSHA- The Learning Center)
"When I saw the advertisement about a poetry (learning) group in Ahmedabad, I sensed a climactic sigh inside of me. So, I borrowed the number and called Neha (our tutor/guide to the Pastoral world of Poetry)- a kind, humble, intelligent human being. I took-up a rookie class and made my mind to join the group armed with personal melancholy, syllables and desire. Our class traveled from ancient to the modern day classics. It truly was an experience of a lifetime wherein what I saw was different worlds coming forth and sharing the knowledge, unchallenged dialogues, bond between human emotions & exploration of intercultural dimensions. In simple words if I can put- a wedge or a bone between linguistic expressions. People there had this sense of deep personal influences, a universe, a simple yet contemporary outlook towards “Poets” and probably what Neha did as our guide was sewing the interesting engagement of different worlds thus leading to a rare cultural realm. It really was a pleasure to be the part of such group closely – a true experience to behold."
- Aditya Mishra
"Poetrusic....Neha's recitation to me is like breathing life in a sculpture. The way Neha recites Hindi n Sanskrit poems ...it's like wow...so beautiful, I have not heard these languages spoken like this!!! Neha's knowledge and memory of poems and poets leaves me in complete admiration.... am sure the result of her passion and self study. Each session is a gift I give myself. Another thing I appreciate is her handing over the poem to us to create our own meanings. She just gives the meanings and leaves the explanations to us......am sure it must be a tremendous exercise in self-discipline for her, not to take over."
- Tasnim Rupawala
(Spoken English and Personality Development instructor)
"I personally believe that if you want to know the true spirit and essence of a place then you have to live there. Poetrusic offered a unique opportunity for me to "live" poetry and fathom the true spirit behind the words of some of most wonderful poets across the span of 500-600 years! Neha, the core "appreciator" alongwith the amazing participants helped me explore poetry like a journey. For me, lot of it was in unchartered territories and hence the experience was joyous. From Ghalib to Faiz, from Maya to Poe, from Eliot to Bachchan, from Kalidas to Shakespeare and much more..each day of Poetrusic was freshly soaked with joy! Thanks to Neha and all the participants."
- Ninad Parikh on Poetrusic
Poet- Dramatist- Actor
"Falsafa, happened to me, at a right stage in my life as it opened me up to immense possibilities of life. Journey into the understanding of the meaning of life can become a tedious one but the course was extremely well structured and truly practical. As per me, this course is a "Must" for everybody irrespective of age and interests as it cuts across every facet of human life. Neha, apart from being a scholar in language, is a great learner herself and a wonderful human being. And that really made all the difference in the way we could grasp the intricacies of philosophy of life. I had never thought of or heard of such an organized and pragmatic course as most we get are the boring academic courses and lengthy online discourses. Hence, this was truly unique and has helped lot not only in understanding life and its meaning but also in my own writing. Thanks to Neha for coming up with this unique idea and implementing it so well."
- Ninad Parikh on Falsafa
Poet- Dramatist- Actor
"I have been associated with Poetrusic since its inception and have seen it grow over the last four modules in the past two years. Neha's passion for poetry is indeed infectious and be it Ghalib or Eliot or Kalidas she is equally comfortable and makes the participants feel the same way as well. In four months one is introduced to about 20 or so poets across multiple languages.... feels like something we have been wanting to do for years and which remained only a dream till now has suddenly become a reality. Also, at times one has a cursory knowledge of poets and then it can mean that whole new worlds open up for us in exploring not only the poet but also the language. The discussions that follow are very rich and ones worldview is continuously evolving through them."
- Ritu Goenka on Poetrusic
"When i first heard of a course in Philosophy i thought to myself that it would be about comprehending complex philosophical concepts written in thick volumes. It was such a pleasant surprise to realize that Falsafa discussed philosophy through poetry and biographies and literature..... we read Rilke and Ramanujan and Carl Sagan and Joseph Brodsky and Nietzsche and even the Gita. Neha is very well read and weaves multiple readings in one session to explore the theme in the fray. She encouraged us to think of Philosophy through every day happenings like driving, making a roti or dealing with a loved one. A very enlightening course indeed that lets make sense of life at hand."
- Ritu Goenka on Falsafa
"Poetrusic had its first module about two years ago. I was one of the lucky ones to be amongst the first student intake. In the first plenary session where we were told about the scope of the course, I could not believe my ears. All that I had cherished in poetry would be discussed here - Shakespeare, Ghalib, Kalidas, Tulsidas and so much more. Neha has an easy and relaxing class-room manner. Serious poetry is introduced in a light and easy way. The hand outs are well prepared and given out in advance. The Poet, his life and times are briefly discussed and we start relishing the best of the poetic selections from the Poet of the day. Her matter is very well prepared and holds the attention of the new comer layman as well as of someone who has a good understanding of the subject. Over the months, it is revealed to the students that Neha has a mastery over several languages. Her knowledge is so nuanced that she can explain the poetry in the context of the times and the culture it relates to. If a piece of Poetry is set to music and sung, we are told about it and links are provided. On a few occasions some of the richest ghazals and sufi songs were played in class to help us understand them better. At the end of every class one realizes that the teacher has come to class well prepared after putting in some massive effort in terms of research.
The Bhagvad Gita, Kalidas, The Ram Charit Manas, Kamayani, Diwan-e-Ghalib, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, The Sonnets of Shakespeare, W.B. Yeats, T.S Elliot and so many other subjects are introduced to us. Further reading is suggested. Students are encouraged to speak up and recite if they want.
This course is without doubt a vehicle for improving our understanding of ourselves. True Poetry should delight and educate us at the same time; this short course succeeds in doing both."
- Mr. Himanshu Desai
(Co-owner of SandwichworkZ, a café at IIM Road, Ahemdabad, that not only serves food but provides a small reading library to its patrons.)